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Do you think laws are like link sausages - you're better off not seeing them being made? If you don't, here's the way to bring the Senate and House floor sessions to your desktop.

I was priviledged to attend the "Conversations with Alaskans for a Sustainable Future"

Here is an 'Updated Revenue and Expenditure Model' for you

There is a page of Presentations, Links and Resources

There is also information and analysis from financial experts:

Randy Hoffbeck - Commissioner of the Dept. of Revenue
Revenue Options

David Teal - Director of Legislative Finance
Fiscal Reality - Exploring Scenarios to Reclaim Budget Solvency and video

Pat Pitney – Office of Management and Budget
An Overview of Government Spending and Services

Dan Robinson - Research Analyst, Dept of Labor
Economic Considerations with Revenue Options

Gunnar Knapp – Director - Institute of Social and Economic Research
An Introduction to Alaska Fiscal Facts and Choices

Here's info about the Americans with Disabilities Act and the State' s ADA homepage,
click here.

P.S. For our friends from Texas, fyi:
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